Important Oscilloscope Basics For Beginners


In case you do not already know, an oscilloscope is an electronic test instrument that is used to measure voltage changes over time. Typically, oscilloscope results are charted on a two-dimensional plane. These tools are essential to design or repair electronics however, their uses are limitless. An oscilloscope can be useful in the medical field and the automotive field, as ... Read More »

Business Objects Advantages In Versatility And Training


Business Objects is a software company specializing in business intelligence software. It was acquired by a German company, SAP AG, in 2007. Since then, Business Objects has grown immensely. If you are a business owner looking for the right business intelligence software for your company, you may want to consider Business Objects. Below are the Pros and Cons of the ... Read More »

Snack Machine Hack Methods To Try


A snack machine hack is typically some sort of trick used to score free food. This post details some of the most common snack machine hacks found on the internet. You should be aware that hacking a snack machine is forbidden by manufacturers. It is also illegal in many places. The author does not condone hacking snack machines for free ... Read More »

Top Tips To Avoid And Detect A Malicious Keylogger


A keylogger is a software program or hardware device that records the keys typed on a keyboard. They are generally used without the users knowledge, both legally and illegally. In business and technology applications, a keylogger can be used to monitor employee performance on the job. Unfortunately, keyloggers are becoming a prevalent tool for malicious users to steal private information. ... Read More »

Top World Tracker Alternatives For Location Services


World Tracker is a UK based mobile phone location and tracking service. If you are a cell phone user, you are probably familiar with the feeling of dread brought on by a missing phone. World Tracker and other, similar services are made to help you avoid that feeling. With a GPS phone locator like World Tracker you can rest easy ... Read More »

Electronic Gift Ideas For Men, Women And Children


We all know that shopping for family members and friends can be a daunting task. With each of our loved ones inhibiting a much different preference. From thrill seeker to bookworm, from the party animal to jock, from the fashionista to sophisticated—holiday shopping can be as confusing as preparing for the Bar Exam. However, one of the easiest avenues to ... Read More »

Proven Tricks To Unblock Websites On Networks


Okay, so let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t trying to access some content on a restricted network. Hey, we’ve all been there before. You’re trying to kill some time in between classes, or you want to sneak and catch the score at the office, or maybe there are some players waiting for you in the online ... Read More »

Great Home Safety Gift Ideas For The Holidays


The holidays have arrived, and if you’re like most people, you’re just now starting to think about technology gift ideas for friends and family. While you might be tempted to just take the easy way out and get some gift cards, why not step it up this year with some home security and safety gadgets that will really make your ... Read More »

What The Future of Home Security Could Look Like


Modern home security is something to marvel. And to think that not so long ago, an idea of an advanced home security system was a noisy beeping sound to let you know a cat burglar had broke the window—it’s amazing to see the evolution of home security. Today’s most trusted and advanced security installers, such as Tucson ADT, look like ... Read More »

5 Smart iPhone Tips For All Users

With each upgrade that is new, tips and handy tricks become available and these hacks that are little can go a very long way into making life a lot more suitable for the user. So, for those looking to improve their iPhone experience in almost any manner possible, look at these five tricks that are iPhone: Concealed Characters Starting off ... Read More »

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